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About Us

The principals of Grasse Global are experienced executives with real expertise in various sectors of business including Management, Finance, Insurance and Banking, IT – Tech as well as Hospitality. Grasse’s team of recruiters are proficient in both US and International Recruitment and are experienced in navigating global regulations and requirements.

With expediency being a key factor, without compromising a recruits abilities, we also attach great importance to one of the key elements during the hiring process: Human Chemistry. This makes for a true perfect match and a truly satisfied client. All of us at Grasse Global are passionate about our particular functions during the selection process. We initiate several detailed interactive sessions with every potential candidate before any final profiles are submitted for consideration. This also makes for a seamless process for our clients’ operations and human resources departments to improve their bottom line by eliminating needless hours on educating potential hires
about corporate culture or adaptability.

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